Peace Mani - Traditional manicure which includes shaping and filing the nails.  Pushing back cuticles and nipping any loose skin.  Buffing.  Polishing the nails with base coat, 2 layers of polish , and top coat.  Massage.  $25     Price is the same if you opt not to have the polish.

We carry OPI, ESSIE, Spa Ritual, CND Vinylux.

Love Mani -   Traditional manicure as stated above with an addition of a seaweed scrub that moisturizes and penetrates the skin for a luxurious soft feel.    $30

Shellac Mani -   Traditional manicure with the CND shellac brand polish. This polish lasts 2 weeks and we carry 97 colors.  Shellac removal included.   $45

Polish change -  $10

Gel Removal  - $10



Peace Pedicure -   We use the Footlogix brand of pedicure from start to finish.   It starts with a luxurious soak in our copper pots with Footlogix foot soak.   Next our technicians will prepare the nail beds by cutting and filing the nails.  Then pushing back the cuticles and removing any extra cuticles from the surface.   We apply a callus spray to gently help eliminate any callus and dead skin from the bottom of the foot.   Lastly we apply a moisturizing mousse to the heals for the ultimate in skin penetration and softening.   Polish is applied and lastly a massage.   Your all set!     $40

Love Pedicure -   Same as above with the addition of a seaweed scrub to further moisturize and soften the skin.    $45

Red Carpet Pedicure -    The Love Pedicure with addition of hot towels to the seaweed scrub which turns into a masque that deeply penetrates your skin for a longer term softness.   The message is longer with hot rocks to work your muscles.   You will experience the ultimate in pampering.   $60



Lip or Chin:   $10

Brow :  $15

Full face:  $30   - doesn't include brows

Under Arms:  $30

Half Legs: $45

Bikini:   $30

Bikini - American:   $35