Health & Safety

You're in great hands...

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At Peace Love Nails - Your health and safety is our top priority.  We not only follow the standard Texas Department of licensing rules  and restrictions  - we take it to the next level:

Bacteria Free Copper Pots

Sit back and relax in the warmth of the water in your large copper pot.  You don't have to worry about contracting any bacteria or toe fungus as these types of germs and bacteria cannot grow in copper.  After each use we sterilize the pot so that the next person can have the peace of mind that she/he will not catch the dreaded fungus that is highly contagious.   Getting rid of this type of problem can be costly and takes months to cure.  

Everyday Cleaning

We sterilize all surfaces several times per day and also the area in use after each client service.  Our public areas are constantly swept and cleaned on a daily basis.  It is important when getting a manicure and or pedicure that your surroundings are free from germs.  We keep this top of mind and are fanatic about keeping Peace Love Nails spotless.   

Your Personal Tools

All files and buffers are used only once and you are free to take these home with you when you leave.  Our metal tools are sterilized between each use with barbaside and then in an autoclave that reaches 800 degrees.  No germs left !